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Virtually all children are looking forward to Christmas, although some won't find toys or gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Families who are struggling to keep the electric turned on, or to have enough food so that the children aren't going to bed hungry, can seldom buy toys or other presents.

The Citrus County Family Resource Center will again this year coordinate community sponsors who want to make Christmas brighter for area children. The children who are helped are referred from a number of sources: Children under the protection of the state for abuse or neglect, or children whose teacher or counselor sees the need in the family. Some of the children have been removed from abusive parents and are living in some sort of shelter or foster care Others, though not abused, are living without the things most of us consider necessities. Often children and their parents share a pair of shoes, or there are no blankets for the cold weather.

Individuals or groups who want to sponsor a child will be given a letter describing the child and the sponsor is then free to choose for that child any gifts they want to give. Some sponsors prefer to give items for children in general such as coloring books, trucks, underwear or socks.

We distribute those gifts to children who come to our attention at the last minute or who, for other reasons, do not get sponsors. In the last few years, a number of groups have decided to sponsor one of our children instead of exchanging office or club gifts. Each member brings a gift to one of the children that the group has selected.

Please sponsor a child! Mail us for more information about sponsoring a child for Christmas!

Email: admin@ccfrc.org