3660 N. Carl G. Rose (HW 200)

Hernando, FL 34442

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Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the family unit and improve the quality of life for children and families in Citrus County.

With the knowledge that families are frequently disrupted by homelessness, divorce, separation, estranged emotions, economic crisis, sickness and death; the purpose of the CCFRC may include services to individuals presently not attached to families.

Our Beliefs:

It is our business when other people's families don't work well. When the family unit ceases to function, it affects more than just that family. The cost is more than any of us can afford. That cost is enormous in terms of dollars and cents but even more in loss of potential in our children. We are losing our children to drugs - to alcohol - to running away - to suicide - to prison.

Over the past thirty years, it has come to the attention of those professionals who work with struggling families and children, that even though we become involved with families for different reasons, the underlying causes revolve around a missing support system that once taught parenting skills. None of the parents we see intentionally ruins his children's chances at a successful life. So why do we have a problem? We believe that most parents would parent their children well if they could figure out what to do.

Fifty years ago, the community parented children. Grandparents lived nearby to be mentors for young families. Neighbors were lifelong friends and could be counted on for assistance. Children grew up in the safety net of the community where they could venture out to try their wings within a support system of people who cared about them. It would be wonderful if we could reconstruct that system, but it is not possible.

In 1983, a small group of foster parents, who wanted to keep children from ever needing foster care, incorporated as: The Citrus County Child Abuse Prevention Project. Some of the programs, such as our parent education classes, were started at that time and were located in various borrowed spaces. In 1986, our small group was joined by a group of professionals who also care about children. The advisory board now consists of foster parents, teachers, administrators, nurses, psychologists and counselors.

We wanted a symbol that people could identify with so that an angry or frustrated parent could go for help without being labeled as a bad person. We decided to change our corporate name to: Citrus County Family Resource Center. In April 2021 we are doing business as (dba) Family Resourse Center.


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