Citrus County Family Resource Center

2435 N Florida Ave.

Hernando, Florida 34442

(352} 344-1001

Fax (352) 341-2006


To our wonderful community;

We have been notified by the county that our lease is not going to be renewed (and that we may be asked to leave before the lease is ended). As a result. we are in need of a new home for the Resource Center if we are to continue to serve the community.

I would hate to tell over 2000 children that there will be no Christmas.

I would also hate to stop or reduce the food and clothing and bike and ID and tent services that we are now providing. [43 ,791 pounds of food-2893 people received free clothes or tents or blankets and 32 have received bikes since 1/1/19]

There has been a donation of  $100,000.00 made by a man who wants the community to match him so we are not totally without funds. However, that is a small amount when speaking of a building that is at least 5000 sq ft.

Please pray for a solution and spread the news of our need to everyone you know.

Thank you

Ginger West and the volunteers at the Family Resource Center

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